teen boy

  1. G

    Baby Diapers for 20 year old?

    Asking here as a diaper lover (just wetting/flooding, no messing), what diapers (if any) would fit a 6'3" 32-34 waist size 20 year old? I know goodnites do, I'm wearing a wet pair right now, and have a pack of Abena M4's, but is there like any baby diapers that would fit? Like Pampers Size 7 or...
  2. barrythebumblebee

    Diapered emo boys

    Hey guys I just wanted to start a new thread about these boys bez they are just soooo adorable and they even have their own tumblr blog!!! :cloud9: Anways if you are one or have any thoughts about this please continue the thread <3 Your tb ~Lauren
  3. B

    potential sissy Teen baby

    Hello, I've been interested in ab/dl things for a while now, but i have always been afraid of doing anything with it because my parents could find out. I am here to meet other teen babies like me who have the same likes and ideas as i do.