teen baby diaper lover

  1. Roverthesissybabyfur

    Plushies and blankies

    Ok so i have a baby blanket somewhere in my house, and i have plushies too, but i want some different plushies any suggestions?
  2. B

    How did everyone work up the courage to buy diapers for themselves?

    I have gone into stores multiple times with the intention of buying diapers, but I always seem to psych myself out before I pick them up. I mean it should be no big deal because I was a cashier before I could tell you that the cashier doesn't care what someone is checking out and they will...
  3. 9

    How many tb/dl's are boy scouts?

    i just had this thought, that if there are so many tb's and dl's, then how many of us are in boy scouts, because if there were two tb/dl's that were both boyscouts then they might find out that they are near eachother and could meet at a jamboree or even, that they could both be in the same...
  4. Vexxer10

    oh no im a lurker

    my shy ways has placed me as a lurker, honestly i don't know how to blog and what are threads, i have been busy reading all the ab-dl stories this site has to offer, there is a plethora of talent in that field. I'm Bryan i have been a abdl of course starting out as a tb dl and didn't know what...