1. BluMew

    Post CapCon 2017 feed dump

    I wanted to share this with all of you all. I just attended CapCon 2017 last week and relaying my experience to a friend I met at TeddyCon 2016 last year who unfortunately could not attend this year as tickets sold out before they bought one. The message will read a bit awkward or odd here on...
  2. Y

    TeddyCon 2016

    Hi! I was just curious if anyone was going? Here is the link: http://www.teddycon.org/home It is October 13-16th in Allentown, PA. You have to check it out!!
  3. MattiKins

    Diaperboy Swag

    So there I was at TeddyCon, furiously practicing my song, when this young fellow walks onstage and sings this song over pre-recorded music. It was a simple dance/club style song, but the charisma and presence he had was unbelievable. Boldly rocking nothing more than a T-shit and a Waddler, he...
  4. MattiKins

    The world's first (and only) ageplay rock band... I think.

    So... Ummm, I kinda did this. And I'm not tooting my own horn, I just like making music and sharing it. Babby Hammer Right now there are two songs, one being a tribute to the Big Little Podcast, the other about my excitement for TeddyCon. I have more songs I'm working on that will tell more...