1. itsacurlyone

    Littles-downunder - Australia - Fabine, Crinklz and Rearz

    Just for information, for those that have been awaiting the arrival of Fabine diapers back to Australia, the long awaited Black nappy has now arrived, together with the Fabine Teddy diaper. The Teddy design is the original design that they started with several years ago. Both of these have a...
  2. BayB8

    New StarWars Teddy Bears??

    If you guys haven't seen, Build a Bear is having a good deal right now on Star Wars Bears if anyone is looking for a new friend to cuddle with!!! I'm getting two. Is 2 for $40, but you have to choose SWBear, Chewy, Stormtrooper, or Darth Vader! the add is right on their site...
  3. KatelynG

    Bambino Diapers Side-by-Side Review

    Bambino Diapers offers four different types of diapers targeted towards AB/DLs - the Bianco, Classico, Teddy, and the Bellissimo. These diapers are quite similar in a number of ways but also have some notable differences. Since reviewing each separately would mean repeating myself a lot, I...
  4. copper360

    (UK based question) Cheap teddy bear

    Hey guys and I want help. Me and my boyfriend have been texting and we have decided that we would meet in the first week end of february 6-8th. But here's the thing I want to him to get me something. a teddy to be exact cause I call him my teddy bear for a reasons but I say that I want to...
  5. SillySwampert

    Which Bambino?

    With an upcoming time where I will have the house free to myself, I have decided to set about purchasing some AB diapers. Thankfully, I came across this shop called TottyBots which supplies Bambino diapers in Australia! Considering all the praise surrounding Bambino for their quality of AB...
  6. DLMunky

    Bambinos are back!

    Bellissimos & teddies are back in stock in med. & lrg. sizes
  7. D

    Bambino Teddy Tapes

    I just got the new Teddy Bambino diapers yesterday and they must have changed their tapes. The case that I got has the same tapes as the old Classico. I know some people didn't like the blue taping system. Now, changing the Teddy has just gotten easier. Thank you Bambino Diapers!!!
  8. C

    Bambino Teddy Review

    So, I already got my case of bambino teddy today! I guess I should let everyone know how they are, if anyone is considering buying them. The new tape design is pretty interesting, I originally thought that the diaper itself would be stretchy. I was wrong lol The tape itself is whats...
  9. Serendiapity

    YOUR Stash!

    Most AB/DLs have a stash. So... tell us about yours! What do you stock? How many do you keep? Where do you hide it?