teddy bears

  1. ArchtopK

    One T-Bear or Two?

    Every year we approach Valentines Day, and I see all the Teddy Bears in the stores. And it makes me wonder if my one T-Bear should have a mate? Anyone else face this dilemma this time of year?
  2. C

    Friend sleeping with old teddy

    So my old teddy bear friend stuffy. (one in front during in his retirement picture) Recently came out of retirement briefly, so that a friend of mine could sleep with him while he spends the night. He and my roommates know that I sleep with a teddy bear and to be sort of ironic I gave it to him...
  3. C

    Teddy bear retirement.

    Unfortunately, my teddy bear stuffy is getting a little old and worn and must retire. I love him. He was my sleeping bear. Everyday for over a year. I'll still keep him on top of my dresser. But he will no longer be sleeping with me. I know some people sleep with more than one plushie, but I'm...
  4. foxkits

    Dressing our teddy bears

    I wounder why a lot of us dress our teddy bears . I like mine in diaper's and some of them I dress them in baby clothing boy clothing that is . what do you do to your plushes or bears . Foxkits:biggrin: