1. Wakfumant


    Hi I'm new I'm tb/dl And I enjoy to play saxophone
  2. Gui

    Hi, my name Gui

    Hey, i am TB/DL named Gui (gwee). I was looking for a website just like this; its great so far. I am really in to computers and currently trying to learn Python (computer language). I have not yet found my favorite diaper although Im sure I will eventually. I was hiding it for 2 years before...
  3. J

    Here because of my boyfriend

    Hey guys, I'm new here, just made my account literally a few minutes ago. The main reason I'm here is because my boyfriend and I were talking earlier this month and he told me that he is into TB/DL stuff. I didn't really know anything about it so I did some research on it and I'm cool with it...
  4. C

    Hello from CT

    Hey everyone, wanted to introduce myself before I do anything. I'm 15 yr old (16 in less then 2 weeks!) TB/DL who has known about the lifestyle and my own sights into it. But recently it sprouted and quickly grew. I didn't wet the bed that much growing up, maybe 5 times total. But when I did wet...
  5. ShadowCloneKid

    Hi there everyone! ^_^

    Hi, my name is Nygel and I'm a TB/DL and recently found babyfur. I've been intrested in diapers since I was 12 and my discovery of my interest is actually really boring:( I am a gamer. I play a lot of Xbox 360, mostly Halo 3 (cuz thats all I have XP). I like to read and I am a Techie, meaning...