1. Poofybutt

    Tastes and Sounds That Make you Regress

    Hey there, For me I find that regressing is a multi-sensory activity that involves a combination of all the basic senses (Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch and Hearing). A lot of people talk about what physical sensations trigger their regression and even the types of smells that put them into baby...
  2. BayB8

    Cinnamon Bun Oreos are the New DUNKAROOS

    Guys!! You have to try the new Cinnamon Bun Oreos!! They are so good! I saw an advertisement online, or a blog about them but wasn't ever sure if it was legit but when I went into work today, they were finally there!! I searched the cookie isle just about every week until I found them!! They...
  3. Zachie

    What does adisc listen to?

    So what kinds of music do you listen to? I've been listening to a lot of Gogol Bordello and the Dead Milkmen lately, along with a bit of Eyedea and Abilities.