1. Scamander14

    Opportunity to Buy Diapers

    So, my mother and sister are going out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until five or six. I am thinking of going out after work that day as a pretense. My dealt reason would to be to buy some diapers. I have been extremely stressed out with family matters, starting college, and living on my...
  2. BurgundyRose

    A Travesty with Diapers from Target

    I'm not sure if anybody has seen this article yet, but I noticed it while I was on buzzfeed. Some horrible person was using boxes of diapers as a delivery system for hate. I felt like this...
  3. G

    Target Up&Ups nighttime underpants?

    Has anyone ever used the Target brand of the nighttime underpants? They seem to fit just like L/XL goodnites, and have for the most part, the same feel. But, the part that throws me off is when you wet, the stuffing that puffs up feels like underjams stuffing, not like goodnites stuffing. The...
  4. LordFluffybuttz

    Smart Shopping!

    So I like using Goodnites because they're available. Unfortunately diapers are an expensive "hobby". So I compared prices...and was mad! So I use to buy from CVS and Riteaid however I looked at Target and Wallmart and not only better prices in terms of $ per diaper where Riteaid was $1 per. They...
  5. dprpantsnpypants

    Fun things to do with Target footed jammies

    Well, the Target footed jammies have always been a little too tight on me - nonetheless, I have purchased several pairs anyway. A while back, when it was getting warmer, I decided to cut the legs and arms off to make a pair of 'Summer onesie jammies'. Well, I was really pleased with the...
  6. WearingClouds

    Hello Kitty Themed Diaper Tape

    I forgot who mentioned this idea to me, but I thought I'd share it with you all. So, I recently tried Hello Kitty Duct Tape. I liked it because of its cute design and great adhesive ability to plastic backed diapers. Has anyone else tried this product? Or can suggest to me something similar...
  7. NarutoChillstep

    Target Up & Up's

    14.99 for 60 size 6. They Fit well with extensions and are very soft. They also have high leak guards. I give them a 9 out of 10 with them not having bigger sizes since there baby diapers. But i am 125 on avg days with a 26 inch waist. Anyone else try these.
  8. Tommie

    Cheap Men's Onsies at Target (Aus)

    Hi guys, was just looking around for a onesie and I noticed that Target (Australia) now sells mens size onesies. Men's Onesie - Grey / Green Stripe - Target Australia $31.20 AUD Not much choice but maybe they'll expand their range if a lot of people buy them. :)
  9. wwetbed

    Hillarious Footy Sleeper Video! (view it and comment about it!)

    click the blue hyperlink below after watching for 4 minutes, please comment on your reaction! I ROCK ONESIES!!! (COMEDY RAP) OFFICIAL VIDEO! - YouTube
  10. AgentRoswald

    Overheard in Target

    So I was at Target today looking at the cool new geeky t-shirts when I overheard a kid of about 5/6 say "Ooo! Diapers!" His mother promptly said "No you can't get those. You are a big kid now and they are not for you." It was cute but I kinda felt bad for him. Poor kid.