1. Argent

    Just got my new batch of Kiddos :)

    Hi peeps, So ordinarily picking up another order of diapers wouldn’t necessarily be worthy of it’s own thread (though Kiddos are kinda special IMO) but I just thought I would post a pic of the new pack vs the old: The new pack is on the right and somewhat taller (my older ones might have...
  2. W

    Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi

    Usually for travel and wear under clothes in public places I will use Attends Active Slip or Tena Flex. By accident I brought with myself Tena Active Fit Maxi. They are very good and holding quite well ,but never wore them prolonged period during intense travel, walk and movement. With some...
  3. CinnaSwirls

    Diaper asymmetry

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but a lot of times when I put a diaper on, the first side I tape up seems to connect differently then the second. The first side will be tighter then the second side, even though the second side has the tapes close to the front of the diaper. And...
  4. W

    Taping issues with the confi dry 24/7s

    After sleeping 2 nights in a confi dry 24/7 diapers, both nights the taping on the right side came undone in the morning, i never have this issue with abena M4's does anyone else have issues with the tapping coming undone? if so how do you avoid that from happening?
  5. D

    Importance of taping

    Funny how after all these years using Tena Slip Maxi (plastic), I just recently learned how to put the tapes in a position that the diaper fits perfectly. The lower tapes need to point somewhat upwards giving the diaper better fit on my bum and leg cuffs. Before this it felt really loose since...