1. HockeyGuy

    Tape Adjustments: Surprise Game-Changer

    Does anyone make tape adjustments throughout the day? I only recently discovered that you can greatly extend the use of the diaper by adjusting the tapes midway though use. Before I would just replace when it started to sag after 3-4 hours because I was worried about leaks. Now I just do a...
  2. Scaramouche

    Taping Help Requested

    I recently tried on two different brands of diapers, Northshore and Abena. They both have the blue and the white tapes. Previous diapers, like Tena, had just one tape that I could re-position as needed. These seem to be only to re-position a few times before they lose their stickiness. The...
  3. yoshiDL

    Best taping strategy

    What is the best taping strategy you have found? I know it's a little different for everyone but what is the best method that works for you? Also what are some tips and tricks to finding the best fit? It seems like this is one of the hardest parts for a lot of people and I was just curious as to...
  4. B

    Double-Tape vs. Quad-Tape

    Been thinking of getting some of the new Cushies v. 2, and as somebody who enjoys Littlepaws (except for the beading problem I'm running into), I'm wondering what the advantages/disadvantages are of the dual-tape system vs. the four-tape. Does anyone have any input or thoughts? I wear an XL...
  5. lukethefur

    Staplers for defective tapes

    So I figured I should share this little secret I have to keep tapes on without excessive tape: staples. And yes, they actually work. I find that using brown tape and stuff just make the diaper too noisy and distracts from the look more and since I ran out I (desperately) used a stapler and it...
  6. SimCo

    Bottom Tape Positioning

    Can someone please weigh in on the proper positioning for the bottom tapes on 4 or 6 tape disposables (like Abena M4, Bambino Bellissimo, Attends, etc)? I have seen articles and videos on the internet that claim that the bottom tapes should be pointed up, and I've also seen ones that claim the...
  7. D

    New Bambino Diaper Questions

    Hey everyone, Has anyone purchased the new Bambinos? Have they fixed the problems with the leg gathers, tape positions, and back splitting (please tell me they fixed this major problem)? Anyone who has owned the previous batch will know what I am talking about. Pictures of the fixes would be...
  8. askmelater47

    Taping on Abri-Form diapers.

    So a month or so ago id seen this video ABENA - P and was slightly astounded at the way they tape the diaper, BTW this video is from abena. Anywho i said i would give it a try next time i diaper up, and so that time has finally arrived. Now my tapes arent exactly the way theirs are, but the...
  9. J

    Diaper Tape Stickler

    So, lately I find myself trying to find the perfect taping method. And by that I mean one in which the diapers tapes are perfectly even on both sides and the diaper fits snug. Now I know that it depends on the diaper but I have found myself switching more and more to the tape up method, taping...
  10. D

    pictures of the new Cuddlz all-over print?

    Hi! I was thinking about purchasing the new all-over printed cuddlz. I hear they have now 2 tapes on each side instead of 1, so can anyone hear post to this thread some pictures of those who have them, including the tapes? Thanks!
  11. S

    Attends Overnight Breathables have weak tabs...

    Has anyone else noticed that the tapes/velcro on the Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs tend to tear away from the back of the brief when trying to get them tight around the waist. Has anyone else encountered this or am I doing something wrong??
  12. S

    Diaper tapes!!!

    Is it weird that I LOVE the sound of the tapes on diapers? I just sounds so great when opening them. Also which diaper (adult or baby) has the best tapes?
  13. Glaice

    Resealable diapers, any advice welcome

    I currently use Abenas M3s with plastic backing but am frustrated that the tapes are not able to be taped again if the need for BM (and not wanting to use it for such) or the runs arises. Could anyone recommend a brand that has tapes that can be retaped more than once?
  14. babyhuey

    Abena XL4 Air Premium Flex Tapes are BAD

    I have been buying Abena Air Plus XL4's from drugstore.com. My last shipment was replaced with the new Premium style. I immediately have had trouble with their new flex-tapes. They loosen up so much that the diaper falls off in an hour or so. Or the tapes tear apart where the stretchy part joins...
  15. BernardFx

    Diaper Innovations.

    What ideas do you have to make diapers even better? For example, I would like to try a with 8 tapes :O Any other ideas? Perhaps a new material for the backing? Different absorbent parts?
  16. bambinod

    6 tape bambino?

    I was just thinking, Bambino diapers would fit me a LOT better if there were 6 tapes instead of 4. For my waist, 36", I JUST fit into the mediums. For them, two tapes is fine, the only place I can fit the lower tapes is around my legs, and they just make it to the tape zone. But they leak up...
  17. D

    Bambino Teddy Tapes

    I just got the new Teddy Bambino diapers yesterday and they must have changed their tapes. The case that I got has the same tapes as the old Classico. I know some people didn't like the blue taping system. Now, changing the Teddy has just gotten easier. Thank you Bambino Diapers!!!
  18. N

    diaper sizing

    OK so here's the deal -- uaually i wear medium Bambinos. They're great for me in every sense except one -- the tapes on them only go around the front as far as my hip bones. I have a 36 waist. Ideally, I'd like to find a diaper with tapes that got around me more, so the tapes weren't almost...
  19. Roxas

    Diaper tapes: Front or back?

    Iunno, I know some people who talk about putting on a diaper with the tapes on the back bringing them to the front, and others with the tapes on the front and taping them on the back. (Choices are where the tapes are already at, not the side you tape them TO.) For those who wear, which way do...
  20. Jred

    Tapes vs. Pull-ups

    So I've been building my stash and I have noticed there is a surprising difference between diapers that tape and pull-up types... I like the pull ups, easier to put on and fit tighter (Note: I've only bought depends) What do you think?:detective3