1. 2Little2Late

    To Prevent Leaks?

    Hi everyone. I am really shy about making this post, also am sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I am also curious so with all that said. . . I plan on trying out diapers for the first time and never tried to put them on. Was wanting to know if there is a correct way to put on a diaper on...
  2. S

    Duct tape and diapers?

    I have been recently using pulls ups 4-5 due to availability in my area, and I was wonder if anyone is duct taping diapers to make a tight seal for messes, and large messes at that?
  3. D

    Tapes come undone in certain positions?

    Heyas all~! I've noticed that if I sit on something, the way my legs are angled causes the bottom tapes of my diapers to gradually become detached and undone. I sometimes find myself sitting like L which especially doesn't help things. I generally tape up my diapers in kind of an "X"-shape so...
  4. TyphaHare

    Stickers for diapers (Recommend to me pls!)

    I'm trying to find some cute (and cheap) stickers for blank diapers :3 This far I've been browsing Ebay for star and dinosaur stickers, but one thing I can't find is some BIG stickers. I can do with plastering small stars and dinos all over the nappies, but.. yeah. Big ones would be cute Also...
  5. Lorica

    How to fix a broken diaper tab.

    Hello. I'm Lorica. And here's a step-by-step on how to fix a broken diaper tab. Or even a tab that's lost it's stickum. I'm not a big fan of posting pictures of my groin on the web, nobody wants to see that, so my table will have to do for this tutorial. STEP ONE: Don't panic. It's not the end...
  6. WearingClouds

    Hello Kitty Themed Diaper Tape

    I forgot who mentioned this idea to me, but I thought I'd share it with you all. So, I recently tried Hello Kitty Duct Tape. I liked it because of its cute design and great adhesive ability to plastic backed diapers. Has anyone else tried this product? Or can suggest to me something similar...
  7. xtrabulk

    DIY Tape Zone Question

    I searched the forums blah blah blah. Anywho, quick question. How do you do a DIY tape zone, and would improve the quality of Drycare diapers? - - - Updated - - - ..I have clear tape and a fresh case ready!
  8. askmelater47

    Taping on Abri-Form diapers.

    So a month or so ago id seen this video ABENA - P and was slightly astounded at the way they tape the diaper, BTW this video is from abena. Anywho i said i would give it a try next time i diaper up, and so that time has finally arrived. Now my tapes arent exactly the way theirs are, but the...
  9. FievelandTonyAB93

    Any VHS fans here?

    Aw yes! The VHS! The very nostalgic piece of memory for the masses across the world. VHS is still sold in stores in the form of blank tapes, and it is still a major method of recording footage from the television. How many of you guys other than me still hold on to your VHS collection or...
  10. FievelandTonyAB93

    New Thomas the Tank Engine diaper tape

    Those of you who are still fans of Thomas the Tank Engine or at least grew up with the books/TV series, I have made the first Thomas diaper tape to ever exist. Of course there is no Thomas brand of diapers so I made a tape of my own. Here it is: The image above is also posted on my gallery...
  11. kalynnharvey

    Diaper taping help

    What is the best kind of tape to use on my diapers if the tabs dont stick? I usually wear the same diaper 2 or 3 times cuz I don't wet.