1. L

    Question about diapers for tall people.

    I was wondering if anyone has come across a diaper for someone like me. I’m 6’10” and 350lb (yes the weather is lovely up here =P). I’ve tried abu little paws, crinklz, dotty the pony pride, meijer brand, rightfit extra (this one is ok ish). The problem I’ve had is that my waist is size 48” but...
  2. P

    Too Tall To Be Cute?

    So, I am a very feminine male (why cant I just be a girl >.>). Ive been called a FemBoy many times because I absolutely LOVE cute things and I try my best to look cute too. The only problem is that I am actually a very tall individual standing at 6'3". I look even taller because I am thin with a...
  3. Sitherus

    I want it but they do not include sizing charts!

    Okay, so I found this epic dress Apple Bottoms Pink Ruffle Rhinestone Summer Rope Petite Strap Sexy Dress | eBay but, they do not include a sizing chart. To make things worse they are only using word sizes ie medium small ... Also I am a 6 foot 5 male and don't know what to do as women tipically...