1. T

    Fursuit Animal Tails & Ears For (Possible) Sale

    Hello all! I am wondering wether anyone in the Uk is interested in purchasing exotic big cat tails and ears to wear, I am thinking about making and selling tails and ears from exotic big cats such as tigers, leapords, cheetahs and lion (possibley some more species) for clothing and headbands but...
  2. T

    Where can i get Cat tail and ears?!

    Hello all! I am a realy big furry lover and have always wanted to wear cat ears and tails like the ones that people wear for kitten-play but i live in the uk and there isnt much stuff like that around, infact, i havnt even found any what-so-ever! I would realy like some top quality ones from...
  3. RedMagus

    Public Tail-wearing

    I'm mostly curious as to how people feel about wearing a tail in public. I've worn mine outside a couple times and the only stuff that has happened is people questioning me out of curiosity for it. No animosity, but I feel that I can deal with that calmly if it shows up. I'm planning on wearing...
  4. codered4

    any suggestions where i can get a nice tail?

    i'm sure this has been posted a million times but really don't feel like looking thru post after post lol:) anyway, i've happened on some money and instead of buying the usual diapers, i am looking to purchase a nice tail if anyone has any suggestions on the best place to buy some, i'm all ears:)
  5. Cayde

    Sonic 4

    Who is going to be getting Sonic 4 when it comes out and what are your thoughts of what you have seen ?