1. jter42

    Fur Suits, Ear's, and Tails.

    Hey I just wanted to ask who is a good person to commission a Fursuit from? I'm trying to buy one, and just don't know where to go about looking to commission one. Also what would the price be for a quality suit? I also have a question for the people with the fake tail and ear's. Where is a...
  2. RedMagus

    Public Tail-wearing

    I'm mostly curious as to how people feel about wearing a tail in public. I've worn mine outside a couple times and the only stuff that has happened is people questioning me out of curiosity for it. No animosity, but I feel that I can deal with that calmly if it shows up. I'm planning on wearing...
  3. codered4

    any suggestions where i can get a nice tail?

    i'm sure this has been posted a million times but really don't feel like looking thru post after post lol:) anyway, i've happened on some money and instead of buying the usual diapers, i am looking to purchase a nice tail if anyone has any suggestions on the best place to buy some, i'm all ears:)
  4. codered4

    interesting circumstance involving a furry at school...

    i'm in the marching band at my high school and we play at all the football games. one day after performing at the football game, these two freshman girls, who i had yet to meet, come over to me and start talking to me. they said that they know me, and they like my name (kinda awkward) i...