1. kerry

    You can use TAGS now

    Moo is test-driving the use of tags in posts. As you create new threads, you will find an option at the bottom to add tags, which will appear near the thread's title as they do here. Several people have requested this, but if it is not used then Moo will certainly consider the experiment a...
  2. Serendiapity

    Should non-moderators have the ability to remove tags from a thread?

    The reason that I ask is because there have been several times which I have seen tags on threads which are irrelevant or unnecessary, and have wished I could remove them. So, do you think that we should be able to remove tags?
  3. J

    (: Hello from Missouri

    (: My name's Jayk (Pronounced like Jake. please... Don't decapitate the Jay from the K). I'm here cuz I'm cool and hear you all are cool too My favorite series in the world is Heroes. My favorite pizza :pizza: is the cheddar and Ham at cici's (maybe that's local?). I love cookies. I love to...
  4. betagame

    Make tags a requirement/upp the amount of tags a user can post to 3

    i have been seeing A LOT of threads with 0 tags. make it a requirement for all people who make threads to give at least 3 tags. so we can search tags and not find limited threads. okay?? PS: can we up the amount of tags one user can give to 3 or 4???????
  5. Spirit

    Ability to delete tags?

    I don't really get the whole tags idea, but I've seen it abused nonetheless. So I've been thinking: What if established members (been here for a month, posted around a bit, earned a few reputation points) had the ability to moderate/delete tags? It's a very small power gain and I don't see any...
  6. betagame

    i dont see people tagging threads

    i hame been reading a lot of threads NO TAGS doesnt that defeat the purpous of having tags there should be a requirement of a minumum of 3 tags For example i tag threads ALL THE TIME (see below)
  7. ShippoFox

    Story categories

    I was looking for a story to read a little bit ago, but I didn't really know what was what. So, I just ended up not reading anything after all. It wasn't that I didn't like the ones I skimmed over, but I just didn't feel like reading them at the moment. Example.... if you want to read a story...