1. Moo


    Hey everyone. I'm doing a test-run of enabling tagging on the forum. Here's how it works: All members can add already-existing tags to their own thread ECs+ can add tags to any thread. Staff (all staff, not just moderators) can edit tags on any thread. To add tags to a thread, or see existing...
  2. Miccheck


    Im just wondering like, how many of y'all are veteran ABDLs. Like, I've been into diapers and imagining things that were "way out of their appropriate context in reality" since way before puberty (lol). But I haven't even discussed it with another person, let alone wear one around them. I just...
  3. Pramrider

    Present Day Slang Defs Needed

    OK, showing my total naive-ness with this thread. :o I keep seeing certain slang words used over and over not just on ADISC, so I'm breaking down and asking for some definitions to understand what is meant. Here's some of them: Emo Pwned Owned Shagged Tagged I'm guessing 'Emo' is short for...