1. Christophuur

    Velcro Tabs on Adult Diapers

    Are there any premium diapers that use velcro tabs instead of the usual tape tabs?
  2. Scaramouche

    Taping Help Requested

    I recently tried on two different brands of diapers, Northshore and Abena. They both have the blue and the white tapes. Previous diapers, like Tena, had just one tape that I could re-position as needed. These seem to be only to re-position a few times before they lose their stickiness. The...
  3. BayB8

    The annoying part about diapers

    So I just got my first package of Abena M4. This is my second time actually buying good diapers. First time was when I bought a few sample packs of Bambinos. I must say I think I like M4 much better though. I don't know what it is but they just seem to feel better. Anyway, I think the most...
  4. N

    depend polymer getting everywhere

    I just got some depends protection with tabs and i noticed polymer getting on my bed. I took out a fresh one and rubbed the two sides together over a table, and sure enough there was little flecks of polymer all over the table. Upon further investigation I discovered that it may have been coming...
  5. S

    quick question about pampers cruisers.

    when you put on a cruiser and do the tabs,can you take the tabs off and go pee in the toilet,and then redo the tabs?or will they not stay anymore?i have to know within 5-6 hours.any answers will be appreciated.thank you.
  6. Lone_Wolf

    Diaper Tabs

    Ok so i was wondering what tabs do you like to use when wearing... the original sticky tabs or or the Velcro tabs. as for me i like the sticky tabs.