1. C

    AB/DL Tabletop RPG?

    Hi all! I was playing the game "Diaper Quest" and thought it would be neat if there was something similar but with good old fashioned pen and paper! As a general TTRPG enthusiast, I've been thinking about making one and how one would work if built from the ground up (e.g. not just a reskin for...
  2. PaddedDeist

    Tabletop RPG Players?

    I wonder how many of you play tabletop RPGs? With the success of many KickStarter campaigns it seems that we are now in a new golden age for both RPGs and board games--though this post is focusing on RPGs I also enjoy a good boardgame. I recently backed Talislanta: The Savage Land--a prequel...
  3. KatelynG

    Dungeons & Diapers

    Wasn't entirely sure where to put this, but here it goes I guess. (inspired by and not at all ripped off from CS Fox's Middle TalesLand RP) Somewhere, in a land called Middle TalesLand, heroes slay dragons while villagers and other folk go about their everyday lives. For a few tiny...