1. S


    Hello Y'all, Smitty18 here. Like many of you, I am seeking a relationship...not a one-night-stand, but something ongoing...long-term. My view is, for a relationship to last, first you need to be friends. The interests of each should be acceptable to the other to the point that each can...
  2. LilStar

    Finally Not Procrastinating

    Hello everyone! Due to me being lazy/busy and not having time to post, here I am finally writing an intro. I'm a 20 year old transgirl, psychology major, little/ab, gamer, blogger and major procrastinator. Due to everything I do, its not exactly beneficial for me to procrastinate as much as I...
  3. yoshiDL

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought I would go ahead and create a Nintendo Switch thread for anyone who is interested in the Switch. The reveal event is tonight so we will finally get to see the switch in action and find out pricing and what games are coming to it. Personally I am really looking forward to a new mario...
  4. D


    I don't know about you guys but I tend to switch from baby to mommy often. Like, there's a male friend I talk to and sometimes I'm in the mood to baby him (even though he's not ABDL) and sometimes I want him to baby me. Do you guys go through something similar too?
  5. kaz

    My baby!!!! (My skateboard broke)

    Today it was hit by a car :*( its my first board... my friend says its fixable cause he fixed his before... do you think its worth buying another or should i fix it. if its a fix then how would i go about doing this... he said i could just shave off the rough part and use epoxy and carbon...