1. R


    Does anyone here know a good swim diaper that I dont have to order or hace any good ideas on how to make one. Thanks in advance.
  2. miapeters

    Swim diapers and swimming

    Hello everybody, I've been posting a few questions here and there and got answers on using the pool when incontinent. I'm doubly incontinent and have several bowel movements throughout the day and I have never gone swimming because of this, after some suggestions I got hold of two swim diapers...
  3. LilDavid

    Finished Zander's Beach Day

    Zander's Beach Day It was a warm sunny day on the Gulf Coast of Florida as the sunlight filtered through a the window of the TV room. On the floor fast asleep on a changing pad covered with a baby blue light woollen blanket laid a young boy no more than 3 and a half years old. This was his Aunt...
  4. K

    *Waves and wags* Hi everyone!

    1. HAI! Hello world! I'm an uber-geeky college student currently studying network engineering and information security. I'm in my final few trimesters and l can practically see the finish line! I'd be graduating this year but I lost a few credits because I transferred colleges... twice. No...
  5. L

    Who uses Huggies Little Swimmers/Pampers Splashers?

    I like to use the Little Swimmers when I swim and I was wondering if anyone else does. I can fit into a small :eek: and I weigh around 115 lbs. with around a 28" waist.