swim diapers

  1. Throwawaw11

    pullup waterproof cloth diapers for swimming

    does anyone know where i can get what the title says that also fits a 29 1/2 - 30 in waist
  2. Pokogirl

    I Accidentally Peed In The Pool

    Last month, I had an accident in public. Some of you wanted to know about it, and so I'm making a post. It was the first time I had an accident like this. I don't have any medical problems. But I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for over 10 months. I have little use for toilets other than #2 &...
  3. miapeters

    Swim diapers and swimming

    Hello everybody, I've been posting a few questions here and there and got answers on using the pool when incontinent. I'm doubly incontinent and have several bowel movements throughout the day and I have never gone swimming because of this, after some suggestions I got hold of two swim diapers...
  4. Kid

    Being an Adult Baby is taking over my Life.

    In the past two months my diaper love/adult baby activities has taken a new turn for the better. I recently got a pacifier (actually just got my second one this week). I like the new one I got a lot more then my first one - it is a rubber Nuk 3 (18m+). I like that is actually falls out of my...