1. F

    Hola from Argentina!

    Hi there! I'm 34 and I'm a newbie here in the forum but also to the AB world. I'm discovering myself little by litte and after a period of big adult stress I realized how nice could be a regression to a time where that type of stress wasn't there. So now I'm trying to embrace my inner child and...
  2. hppavilion

    Help me choose!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post for a while. :) So here's the deal. I want you to help me choose the best diapers available for me. My parents are going away for a week soonish. Therefore, I will have the house to myself, and I will seize this opportunity to buy some real, adult diapers...
  3. S

    Hi from Sweden

    I am 55 year old married man who lives in middle part of sweden. I use diaper 24/7 now becuse I loves diaper. my wife know about it and she is happy if I am locked up with CB3000. I am 100% DL keep wet all diaperlovers
  4. X

    Getting diapers in Sweden?

    So, I recently ran out of pampers size 6's (they were getting pretty tight anyway) and I've decided to look for some adult diapers next. The problem is, I can't order stuff (my dad's home by the time the mail arrives, while I'll still be in school ._.) and the only place that I know of that...