1. M

    Greetings and a question!

    I am 20 years old and am incontinent since I was born. Since I live in Brazil, which is VERY hot, I have problems with sweat in diapers, not to mention the heat of the plastic pants =( How do you deal with that?
  2. xtrabulk

    Sweating at Night

    Hi there, I was just reading a thread about sweating at night in diapers. I've had that experience as well. After doing much research and talking to doctors, I've found that...contrary to logic...wearing some night nights actually stops me from sweating. It's to the point where if I wake up...
  3. B

    Exercise in a Diaper

    i just did a work out on a tredmil in a diaper and i found that i sweated a lot more than normal. do you think that people, who exercise in a diaper, sweat more; thus getting a better work out; thus loosing more weight (girl wise)?