1. selv14

    A survey on ABDL Stories

    Many of us turn to ABDL fiction as a source of amusement. But what do you really want to read? I have created a survey to investigate just what do people really want from ABDL stories. Please do take about 5 minutes to complete this survey, it would be of great assistance to us writers. I plan...
  2. C

    The 2015 Furry Survey (Now with ABDL Questions!)

    Hi, Babyfurs :3 Some of you might know the international furry surveys that took place in the last few years (except 2014). Those surveys were always helpful for any person that wants to know more about the composition of the furry population. Especially regarding sexual orientation etc...
  3. G

    A quick questionnaire/survey on the topic of craft.

    Hello community, For my university studies I have been given a summer project on the subject of 'value' and it's different meanings. This survey relates to craft objects and art, and I would really appreciate it if you could take 2-3 minutes from your browsing to complete this. This will be an...
  4. LesserRiking

    United States Fabine Distributor? (Survey Inside!)

    Hey, folks! My name's Casey. I'm a DL, I live in Utah, and I've lurked on ADISC for years before finally creating an account. I've been in talks with about becoming a United States authorized distributor so us ABDLs can get our hands on those damn elusive Fabines cheaper than 4...
  5. EvanNibbler

    Odd Questions!

    I felt like posting something fun, so I'll put on a little poll of sorts. Here are the questions: What is your favorite brand of diaper? What was the first brand of diapers you ever bought/recieved/etc and how old were you at that time (you don't have to say your age if you don't feel...
  6. Ian16545

    Ideas for ABU after the first survey

    Now that the current ABU survey is over (see this thread), what other diaper patterns would you like to see ABUniverse try? (besides "Sissy/Girly" and the other survey choices) My personal pick is rainbow colors (e.g. a 10-pack can be one color, or assorted colors) with bigger single-sided...
  7. rschade

    Trying Samples

    Hi Folks, Do you find it awkward in trying to find the right diaper. Did you ever order a "free" sample and waited an eternity for it to arrive in the mail? I often thought "Wouldn't it be great if we can pick and choose a variety of brands and sizes in one place?" What about buying a package...
  8. BitterGrey

    Fourth and final survey, "Odds and Ends" online

    Hello, Five years ago, I posted the first in a series of surveys, seeking to explore the diversity of the AB/DL community. We've learned a lot since then. Now, I'm pleased to announce the fourth and final survey in the series. "Odds and Ends" will cover a number of big and little items...
  9. D

    Taking an Academic AB/DL Survey

    I recently took this survey from another website and thought I’d share this with others so that they could as well. Brian Zamboni is a therapist at the University of Minnesota. He specializes in sexuality. He has a survey that he is trying to obtain via the internet regarding the AB/DL...
  10. wulfpup

    Diaper & Lifestyle Survey

    Here is a short, quick 15 question survey to see what people are into, their diaper preferences and lifestyle preferences, and gather suggestions on new diapers that any ab/dl diaper company is welcome to see to make new ab/dl diapers. So maybe they will listen to what we have to say! Open to...
  11. BitterGrey

    Diaper preference, and speculations about the future

    Hello, A new analysis of data from the second AB/DL survey is now online: Diaper Preference among AB/DLs The study found that AB/DLs tended to prefer the type of diaper that was most prevalent during their early childhood, on average. Since the dominant type of diaper doesn't change often...
  12. betagame

    How Easily Can You Go In A Diaper

    I have been wondering how difficult it is to go in diapers.
  13. BitterGrey

    ABDLs in diapers

    Greetings, Using data from the ABDL survey series, I'm going to be taking a look at ABDLs who reported being in diapers when their desires surfaced. I'm not in that category myself: My infantilism started as an urge to get back into diapers after being out of them for years. However...