1. PuppyLover

    Diuretics: The Same As Suppositories/Laxatives?

    Recently I've noticed that I haven't been 'going #1' as often as I feel I should. At first, I thought it was me holding for too long, which was causing some sort of infection or bacteria build up in my bladder. I asked my doctor about it, and she said that everything seemed to be normal, and I...
  2. MellowYellow

    Glycerin Suppositories, Help!

    Hi I just went to the drug store and bought which I now realize are glycerin suppositories for infants/children, my bad! :damnpc: So they have directions of one a day for ages 2-5:sad: Active ingredients: 1.8gram suppository contains 90% glycerin USP How does this compare to adult...
  3. R


    Hey I'm ryand I've been on and off of here for about a year. wanting to get some new ideas and talk to some ppl.