1. KrankyPants

    ADISC is your friend playing a joke on you.

    What if ADISC and all the members were just made up people and the person behind it is a someone you know playing a joke on you?
  2. August08

    Guilt and shame

    Someone recently said some nasty things to me in regards to abdl, and I’m going through some guilt/shame about it. I know I’ll bounce back but I could use some words of encouragement
  3. G

    I'm new so hello!

    Hello there fellow adisc ers I am new here. I joined because I'm having a mental health crisis. I am chronically ill with a severe mental health condition and I wondered are there any other mental health sufferers who have trouble with incontinence due to acute anxiety? Plus does anyone else...
  4. LimeBloodedNoir

    What do YOU do when YOUR having a bad day?

    Q:What do YOU do when YOUR having a bad day? Me and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Today has been just a rotten day for me! For the past week, I have been moody, I am unable to get a job, my mind is stuck in the gutter of a bad person I used to know, and I have not been able...
  5. SparkleBunny

    Hi, shy but happy to be here!

    Hi, I'm Sparkles. I've come to this site for support and to share my interest in toys, blankets, coloring, and everything else that's childish. I am actually mentally younger, so part of my reason for being in the ABDL* community is to help support that. I'm not sure if there's other people that...
  6. D

    Best Diaper Memories

    Once when I was about 8 years old; I spent the night which would turn into a week with a best friend whom I did not know needed bedwetting diapers to bed. He had gone into his room to get his pajamas on and when he came back, I noticed he was very upset. He got even more upset when he set...
  7. A

    Hi everyone Im new! (Incontinent :3)

    A small introduction here, 18 year old who is incontinent and has been essentially their whole life.... i like music and animals A LOT and i work in retail, playing games, playing ukulele, playing with animals and smoking in my spare time :3 'ashamed wearer' came from the fact that i HATE...
  8. A

    New here and looking for support

    Hi everyone! This is my first time on this site and I am a bit nervous. I have had strong draw to baby things and diapers ever since I can remember. It fills me with such a strong sense of calm and security that I can't find anywhere else. This has been a deep source of shame for me and I have...
  9. Catinthehat

    Found Outside Support!!

    Hey guys, long time no post! I've been quite depressed and I'm going to rehab in a week or two, for quite a while. (don't ask, I'll blog about it) HOWEVER! I was crying over the phone with my cousin about how my regression and being a little might affect my stay in the program. Turns out his...
  10. B

    What brand and type of brief should i get

    Hey please help me on the end of this month i'm buying briefs online from I have a few brands in mind. 1. Prevail but only briefs with high absorbency 2. Tranquility briefs with high absorbency 3. Molicare briefs with high absorbency 4. First Quality briefs with high absorbency...
  11. lilyshore

    Goodness I forgot to introduce myself!

    Please forgive my lapse in good manners, and allow me to introduce myself, albeit belatedly. As one of those rarest of creatures, a lesbian-oriented biologically female adult baby, I have always felt a crippling aloneness even within the AB community that I am only just beginning to explore...
  12. FievelandTonyAB93

    Found out and accepted by my older sister

    I didn't tell her about my adult baby syndrome, but she asked me questions about it when she discovered a comment I posted on AB Universe's Facebook page (it was shown on her feed). I deleted the comment and then hid all my activities with AB Universe on my profile. She asked me if I have a...
  13. divinitylives

    the baby has landed

    I have "come out of the crib" with my friends and family and it was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. My family has not been very understanding with my decision and it hurts me to see this. If they loved me they would love no matter who i am. I am a baby at heart. I ask you you to...
  14. Pistorio79

    bonjour! from new mexico

    hello my name is pistorio79. i was referred here by darthkitfox and thought i'd join the adisc community/familia. i am not really into ab or becoming a furry, but i DO support the furries and love the culture and the people and i think they are all just wonderful and unique. I currently reside...
  15. Vladimir

    QuickBasic - Roulette Program Help

    Damn... Nevermind, I fixed the problem.