1. T

    Medical Supply Stores?

    I've never been into a medical supply store, and i know of one that's pretty close that carries Molicares/Attends/Abenas, that i plan on going to tomorrow. my question is, has anyone ever bought diapers from a medical supply store? what is the process? Can i just walk in, pick up the diapers off...
  2. A

    Diaper Stores

    So I keep reading articles and I find posts stating there are stores that sell molicares and abenas along with other good brands. Now I live in New Hampshire, and never once have I seen any of these stores. Not saying they don't exist, I don't really leave my town much so I can't say. I'm just...
  3. paciboy

    How to make diapers last

    I only hav a small supply of diapers and i cant easily get more so i hav been reusing diapers (not using them of course). I usually just wear them for comfort until my parents arent home, then i use them. But anyway, every time i take a diaper off, the tapes get messed up and then it gets...