1. KittyninjaW

    I wonder why ABDL/Little supplies are so expencive?

    Hello, This is my first thread in a while and due to that I have a question that I am wondering about. I am wondering why abdl stuff is so expensive, like 40 or 50 bucks plus shipping, sometimes more when I don't think it costs that much to produce, At least I don't think. So why do you think it...
  2. U

    Supplies Questions

    Hey everyone! I've come to all of you because (as some of you may already know) I have my first meeting with my mommy in exactly one week. Since I am completely knew to the AB side of things I am very unaware of what supplies would be considered "essential" to a great experience. I currently...
  3. neonnoodle

    Discontinued Pacifiers

    It's always been hard to find baby pacifiers that fit an adult mouth, but to my surprise the new Avent Advanced 6-18m pacifiers are just the thing. They have a large shield with a winged orthodontic nipple that feels huge in the mouth. They're not super babyish, for us non-ABs out there, but...
  4. PaddedSuperboy

    Changes In XPMedical and Their Supplies of Incontinence Products.

    I emailed the owner of XP Medical, and Gary had this to say about changes to their site and their products starting soon. Pretty much, better order now rather than sooner. Not great news.
  5. B

    Incontinence Supply in NYC Area or Albany

    hello all. just moved between Albany and NYC. does any one know of a good supply store in these areas? i can order on line, but i don't mind going in somewhere and buying myself. it doesn't bother me considering i need them regardless. i like seeing what im buying, so i don't get stuck with...