1. rennecfox

    Obscure question, anyone know anything about poise super briefs

    Not I'm not talking poise underwear or any flavor of depends briefs. I'm talking a straight up european looking brief. I haven't seen it listed since diaper world This is the only photo I could find of it on an archived diaper world page. Kind of curious as it's a product kimberly clark made...
  2. ArtikSnow

    Tena Super Briefs or Tena Super Stretch Briefs?

    So I have been trying all kinds of diaper brands recently and Tena is on my next list. What Tena diaper is better? Tena Super Briefs or Tena Super Stretch Briefs?
  3. SuperCuteBomb

    Kon nichiwa~ I'm Supercutebomb!

    YO! Who am I? I'm the utterly non-famous AB/DL artist SuperCuteBomb! Also known as Sukubo-chan or just Sukubo for short! I have a passion for sweets: Especially ice cream and candy~ I also adore ribbons, party dresses, and cute animals~ (like Pokemon!) I'm pretty easy going-it takes alot to make...
  4. P

    Super Powers!

    If you could get any kind of powers, what would you like to have? Lets try to limit it to one power per person, but you can expand on one...Just lets not have like "Well I can fly...But along with that I can also shoot spaghetti out of my fingers!!!"...Also, what would you do with those powers...