super plus

  1. DLGoplayer

    Has anyone tried the new molicare super plus.

    I'm almost out of my case of them, and since the new changes I haven't bought any. Have had bad experiences with cloth backed in the past. Does anyone have a review to share?
  2. SpAzpieSweeTot

    Could a girl review the Tranquility SmartCore Diaper & TopLiner Super-Plus Booster Contour & post back?

    Maybe "review," isn't the right word. It's more like, "try, while keeping an eye out for a few specific things, & tell me if you think they'd work for me." No need to actually go to the trouble of reviewing. The only reason I ask for a girl's opinion, is because I have girl parts. Love you guys...
  3. Justo

    Best free samples

    Hi, I am Justin, for some reason, a few year ago I started to want to wear nappies (yes I am a DL). Not sure when, why or how to go about it. I imagined I'd like the feel of them, and maybe wet them. I couldn't afford and didn't want to hide whole packs and in Adelaide, no where apart from...
  4. Eclipse

    Has anyone tried this diaper?

    I have tried this diaper but not since they resdisgned it. The diaper I was wondering about it the molicare super (NOT the super plus). Apparently since I tried it last they gave the diaper a new shape so that it fits better supposedly, and also breathable material.If you have tried this diaper...