super dry kids

  1. T

    SDK V2 compared with SDK V1

    Hi! I just received from ABU/EBay the SDK V1 although I haven't padded up yet. I was just wondering how they compare to the newer ones? I've used Tranquility ATN and Walgreen's in the past but these are my first ABDL style I've bought. I did a forum search and didn't see a thread about the topic...
  2. DLMunky

    Anyone ordered from ABU lately?

    As the title says, have you successfully ordered from ABU recently ? I plan on ordering diapers from several different companies, ABU being one of them (maybe). Between speculation on ADICS and Cushies still out of stock until September..?? I don't know if I would be safe ordering some more...
  3. J

    Fabine Diapers + Bambino + ABU Super Dry Kids + 13 Premium Diaper Brands..

    Hi I'm new to the forum but I've been lurking here for a while. I'm wondering what the demand would be for a product which contains 1 of each of the following diapers: • Dry 24/7 • Absorbency Plus Level 4 • Tena Slip Maxi • Abri-Form Comfort • Molicare Super Plus • TotalDry Plus • Classico...
  4. WearingClouds

    I have a spending problem, diaper addiction

    I've heard a lot of talk about ABU shutting down so I impulse bought a case (80) of Super Dry Kids just in case! They are by far one of my favorite play diapers and I would be so sad to see ABU close without me getting a decent stock first. I'll try to get another case in a month if they are...
  5. tomviper000

    Difference in ABU diapers

    Is there any difference in the different ABU diapers (other than the cloth covered one and the print designs)? And if so which one does everybody prefer and why?
  6. Piplup

    ABU vs. Bambino

    Hello, everyone! So I'm thinking about ordering diapers online for the first time and would like to order from AB Universe or Bambino. My question is, who has the better product? To be more specific, I'm trying to decide betweeen the Bambinos with the teddy bear prints, and ABU Super Dry Kids...