1. padded1989

    Diaps and Weather

    Hey! I havn't seen this topic much here, so i'll just throw it out there. What is your favorite weather for your diaper wearing? Interested if people like summer vs winter better, I kinda think that the cold coziness is great for wearing but would love to hear some thoughts! cheers
  2. padded1989

    Summer Tips

    Any summer tips with wearing that you would like to share? The hot weather has arrived and as much as I like it brings some challenges. It would be great to hear advice and thoughts from you all!
  3. Ian16545

    More time alone = more diapers for me!

    Well, it's that time again—my parents left me in charge of the house to go another river cruise, this time to the Riviera between France and Italy. And you know that means: I get to wear diapers again! This time, I ordered three 2-packs of DC Idyl off of Amazon (which came this morning). And...
  4. Isle

    Summer diaper redux. Tena?

    In the market for a lighter weight diaper for summer. what do you use? Is anyone using Tena stretch Ultra or Tena stretch Super? the Ultra is super cheap, so maybe its a supercheap diaper. I can use a booster which is not as hot as a full on real diaper, Hopefully this time the thread will...
  5. Piplup

    Diapers in hot car

    Hey guys! So my daddy got my a large case of ABU Cushies as a graduation present! :D As of right now they're sitting in his car, and will be until Saturday. The weather here in MD is pretty hot right now, and I'm sure the temperature in his car unbearable. My question is: is it safe to keep...
  6. D

    Odd motivation?

    So I'm thinking of starting to work out and lose some weight starting this spring. I'm not obese or anything(6', 33"~34" waist) but other than for my health I'd just really like to fit into a Goodnite. I just find the full padding front to back pull-up with prints to be very appealing but I'm...
  7. C

    Lightweight Summer Sleepers

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a recommendation for a company that make adult-sized sleepers. I haven't seen this company mentioned on here, or elsewhere for that matter, so I'm guessing many people may not have come across them before. They're called; And as well as the...
  8. Kid

    Summer - Now What?

    It is here ... now what? Any plans? Travels? Vacations? Summer School? Preparing for life changes? For each of us it is different. I am looking forward to a major change. I will officially be engaged in about a week. Made the plans to ask the big question after graduation. Getting ready for...
  9. MarchThackery

    Withdrawals and other such nonsense

    Hey everyone! So during the course of this previous semester I got into wearing diapers heavily for the first time in my life, something I've dreamed of since I was tiny. I wore diapers basically every night and even a few times to class. I even went out and bought a pacifier. Say Whaaat? So...
  10. Kid

    Sunburns - Treatment Suggestions

    Spent the weekend, plus Monday with the girlfriend at the beach. Well long story short - I forgot to use sunblock/sunscreen so it hurts! Yes, I got a sunburn (~ 4 hours of exposure) and aloe is just not cutting it right now. Any suggestions?
  11. D

    How do I get over...

    the hot and sticky feeling of a diaper in the spring and summer? Each year I deal with it but, if anyone knows anything that might help... please share.
  12. P

    Summer= Worst Time To Get Diapers.

    I was off from work, and I had two hours to wait around for my bro, who works in the same place. We drive together to save gas, so I walked around town while I waited. I decided to go to the local CVS to get some diapers. After walking several miles in the blistering heat, I discovered that the...