1. Canadianfalls

    What are the best value diapers available in Canada?

    I'm Canadian, from Toronto. Male. Wondering what the best value diaps are here. Going through 2-3 Depends w/ tabs per night is becoming wasteful. ATNs are nice but also don't do it for me anymore. I sit for long periods for work and gaming, and sleep diapered. Very heavy wetter. This leaves me...
  2. Limejbird

    Just Hot My First ABDL

    Hi, long time kicker first time posting. I’ve been into diapers for a long, long time and got the good ol Goodnites years ago. Just this last year I got some Abena’s that are pretty good too. I was still wanting some diapers that get huge, crinkle and make you have a good waddle. So, I got...
  3. L

    New DL suggestions

    For the very first time today, I bought a pack of Always at Walmart. The first one I used, I speed through a little bit.. What should I do to prevent this? Are these just not the right diapers to actually pee in? Should I look into AB diapers? Should I just not count on these to fully pee in...
  4. L

    Want to try diapers, and I need advice!

    I'm a girl, and I'm considering wearing diapers. Just to bed, probably. I want something cute, and poofy. I'm considering cloth over disposable. How should I get started?
  5. Angellothefox

    For anyone how would you make a make shift abdl pram or buggy

    I watched a adult woman in this buggy at looked like it was made from the structure of those pushable bags that some old people had. They had a basset part where the woman was sitting her legs hanging out along with arms. It fitted her body in but her head was raised her arms was out and so was...
  6. kashi

    Need tech savey suggestions

    Tl;Dr: Want a new phone with good memory (30GB+), powerful enough to play Pokemon Go and fallout shelter (Plus longevity), Good battery life, doesn't matter if it's android or apple don't care. Please no flame wars ^_^ Okay so my parents have offered me the freedom to request a gift of some...
  7. L

    Nursery in Progress

    I've decided to move my craft room downstairs and make room for my new Aww So Cute crib. Whenever it decides to ship.... I'm also making a changing table since Daddy's back isn't the greatest. It's going to be a lot of work. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a small room nursery
  8. shhsecret

    Any suggestions?

    So for the first time I've come to a point where I can indulge my little side just a bit. Unfortunately not yet with diapers, but soon I hope. I got a gift-card to target and I was trying to think of something I could get with it. I have a few different sippy cups in my cart, but I'm not...
  9. BabyMitchy

    AB/DL Themed Music Ideas and Works (Help Me Out!)

    So, I am working on producing a lot of music.... I am also in the works of recording some shows as well. The purpose of this thread is to keep what I produce available in one thread alone.... PLUS.... A place for you guys to help me with IDEAS and comments/suggestions. (Please keep them polite...
  10. Piplup

    Baby Toy Suggestions

    Hi everyone! So I'm super excited for Friday because Daddy and I are going to the mall, and at the mall there's a really cool toy store. Last night he told me over video chat that he's going to let me pick out a baby toy from the store, and I know there's a lot to choose from! I'm wondering if...
  11. P

    Which diapers should i get?

    Hi, im Jacob. Ok, so I have decided i want to buy some adult diapers from online. I have a 29 in. waist and weigh about 125 pounds. I would like to get either: Abena Abriform S3 or M3 or Bambino Bellissimo Id like them to be plastic backed, and somewhat thick. would the S3's be too tight...
  12. A

    Diaper Help

    Ok I need some serous help her, Alyssa (my cousin) is under my care for a while, she is 19 and she has high functioning autism. Her period started up today. Due to sensory issues she cant use pads or tampons, she used to use goodnights but today we discovered she out grew them l xl sizes and she...
  13. D

    Shopping for Variety(requesting opinions and suggestions)

    I recently picked up my first pack of diapers which were Tranquility ATNs. For their "class" I like them. They're pretty absorbent and the PERFECT price. The only problem I've run into so far is that they're EXTREMELY crinkly. I don't own any briefs, but there is no way that boxers and jeans can...
  14. hihipuppy


    Alright. now due to my current life and location, diapers in real life just cant happen right now. however when i am able to buy my own without feeling insecure and trying to hide or explain them... i would like a brand that is comfy, and childish x3 (just like me!) i am not concerned about...