1. Argent

    Diaper Peference Poll (just for fun of course)

    Hi peeps, Spinning out of the recent excellent thread “Anyone prefer plastic tapes over velcro?” thought it could be fun to create a poll for some base stats on ADISCERS diaper preference. I couldn’t think of a way to capture all the preferences such as number of tapes/tabs or the type of...
  2. Kiani

    I Need Prom Dress Help! :)

    So, as many of you may or may not know, I was born male, but am starting the transition process to become female! I am very exited about this and am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. While I am not "out" officially yet as transgender in school I do wear somewhat "girly" clothing...
  3. Dash

    Suggestion vBulletin Custom Colour Schemes? =)

    Alrighty dudes and dudettes, Firstly, yes it is colour... we invented the language, a'thank you :tongueout: Second, I apologise if the question has already been asked. On a serious note, after nearly five years, I have just discovered the drop-down "style chooser" menu at the footer of the...
  4. PetPuppyAlex

    How would you describe your style?

    I guess you can say that this thread is more centered around items of clothing, but you can add general details as well. I'd just like to know how you guys would describe your personal style? Do you have your own style? Do you follow a certain style (emo, goth, gangsta, etc.)? Do you openly...
  5. Pramrider

    What Do You Look For Most In a Diaper?

    For active users, of course you want a good fit and absorbency you can have confidence in to not have leaks. Others, who just like the feel of wearing, but not interested that much in using them could look for something else when picking a diaper brand. Then there's also preferences in...