1. ShortGuy

    Making/stuffing a diaper to ridiculous thickness

    Is your diaper too flat? Not absorbant enough? Do you like poofiness? Just follow this guide... Although it is somewhat more work, this method doesnt require slits in insert diapers, sap spilling out etc etc... It is all contained in the outermost diaper. Materials to start out with (just my...
  2. Sitherus

    Looking for a specific diaper

    I've tried allot of disposables, but i Want to try some cloth diapers, and I have a preference although i don't know if it exists. Here's what I want, I want to find a diaper that is thick and bulky that fits me right and is soft to emulate a diaper. I want to sleep in it not to use it but to...
  3. TheNewNo2

    Double Padding?

    Could someone please explain to me what exactly double (triple, quadruple, octuple, dodectuple, etc) padding implies? I'd thought it was just about wearing one nappy on top of another, but then someone started talking about cutting holes in it and I got confused. Can anyone help?