1. babybubbyy


    Hey guys today I had a really rough day so I ended up buying 2 new stuffies. One is a hello kitty in a unicorn suit the other is a pink bunny. I’m going to name the bunny princess fluffykins. But my favorite stuffies I own are a sleeping stich and angel from target. I was wondering if other...
  2. Littlebabymikey

    I wish they made crinklz stuffies

    crinklz and his friends are so cool. Does anybody know if they actually do make them?
  3. nappybaby

    Blahaj Appreciation Thread!

    Hi everyone, I wanted to see how much babies, littles, kiddos and middles are accompanied by a blahaj shork! I am searching for months but couldn´t get one because they are discontinued in Germany. But I have really high hopes to get one today!
  4. RagDoll69

    Unicorn plushies 🦄

  5. LittleRascal

    New Stuffies ❤️ 😍

    My beautiful baby boi @NaughtyBoiNathan bought me some new stuffies!!! Thank you so much my amazing beautiful @NaughtyBoiNathan you are my entire world and life force 🙈🙈🙈🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕👶🍼🌈🏳️‍🌈😘😘😘
  6. SmolPupprrito

    Do your stuffies wear diapers too??

    Aaallll of my Build a Bear stuffiies wear nappies ^.^ i think its just the cutest thing and giving them changiies really helps with little space, plus having them as crinkly as yoou are when having cuddles ^.^ From left to right is Pupper, Bun, Shadow and Luna ^.^
  7. ronnieM

    Today on: What Were They Thinking???

    Yes, it sounds cute in theory. A stuffie that holds your bottle, similar to the idea of having a stuffie attached to a paci. But the implementation... How did this make it through the design phase and into production? I don't like being harsh for no reason and especially when it's a product...
  8. S

    Anyone ever bring their stuffy/bear to the hospital?

    So this is my usual teddy bear I sleep with. His name is Wuzzy (as in fuzzy wuzzy is my bear) I knew I'd be staying the night but unfortunately I also knew he would be too big to bring with me because of those small hospital...
  9. littleisaac


    As a little I love my stuffies, I especially love my BuildaBear stuffies. Especially my Micheal monkey, I went with siysiy, he created a teddy bear & I created Micheal, there is such a sense of satisfaction creating a stuffie don't cha think. Do you have a go to stuffie for little time?
  10. P

    Blanket forts!?

    Im currently clearing out like half my living room to make a blanket fort out of impulse.. heh.. I have almost all my sheets, blankets, pillows, and chairs or prepared:) does anyone else find that things like this make them regress easier?
  11. hellokitty1512

    Daddy and I made a Build a Bear closet!

    My build a bear closet. Daddy and i hung up all the clothes and fixed the shelves to organize the stuff