1. PaddedLittleParadise

    LivDry Boosters?

    Hey, has anyone here tried out the LivDry boosters that are available from TYE Medical? They seem too good to be true, at least if you’re looking for super-thick, super-absorbent boosters to add absorbency, thickness, “waddle”, etc. I know they’re meant for use with LivDry diapers, but after...
  2. flash890

    Pull-ups or baby diapers as stuffers?

    I'm planing on using stuffers for the first time. I'm not sure if I should use baby diapers, Pull-ups, or Goodnites. Is there any benefit to using one over the other (easy of use, comfort, cost, etc.) ? Recommendations on which one I should use any why would be helpful.
  3. P

    Which baby diapers work best as a stuffer?

    I know this thread has been done before but there are some new baby diapers out there and I was wondering which work best as a stuffer. I'm specifically interested in best capacity and also which swell the most. I've only used Luvs (size 5) and have been really impressed with their capacity...
  4. P

    For those of us who use depends or similar products...

    I know that with many store brand overnight diapers with tapes, like Depends or Certainty, they can work well, but they have a very low capacity. I have resorted to using cheap store brand adult overnight pull-ups as stuffers for them. This has actually worked fairly well, does anybody else do...
  5. D

    Drynites + Stuffers

    If you add a stuffer to a drynite will it stop it from leaking? If so how do I add a stuffer/what makes the best stuffer?