stuffed animals

  1. medicalmagic

    New Old Stuffed Animals

    To start, I'm not an AB, just a DL, as of this moment in time and as far as I know. That said, last night, I found myself scouring the internet for at least a few hours trying to track down a stuffed animal that I had from birth (>2 decades/~21 years ago) but lost when my father disowned me...
  2. JaysonTheRegressor

    Plushie Collection

    I bet no one has as many as I do! I have 272! How many do you have?
  3. WigglesThePup

    The Plush Insanity

    Hola everyone! So I'm thinking of getting a stuffie to cuddle with at night because secretly I'm very lonely. Not sure if I want a life-sized teddy bear or anything, just a plush companion. Any ideas? You can think of this as a show & tell thread too. So why not show/talk about your stuffie...
  4. ORBaby

    A home for our stuffies

    I just saw this on Facebook.
  5. Dreamincolour

    If someone entered your bedroom right this second...

    If someone entered your bedroom (or another relevant room) right this second, what would they find? Would you be discovered for what you are (little/AB/etc) as you dive for whatever posession you've left out so you can kick it under the closest piece of furniture, or would you fold your hands...
  6. wackoreese

    Clinging to stuffed animals

    These guys are hard to let go. I can't sleep without my unicorn at night otherwise I'll just toss and turn and become insomniac for part of the night. When it came in the mail, my dad said "Oh, I always wanted a daughter" in kind of a worried tone. Then he goes on to rant on "oh, it's pink.."...
  7. Tripped

    A Walk on the Wildside - rewrite

    Authors note: This story is a rewrite of one of my older stories "a walk on the wildside." Even if you haven't read...or don't remember that one, it isn't necessary for this version as I plan to do a lot of changes to story and character arcs. It's still going to have fur and diapers and a...
  8. Z

    Stuffed Animal Rescue

    Hey everyone! come check out the Stuffed Animal Rescue.. basically like an animal shelter but for plushes. Growing up I was most definately a stuffed animal kid. Now that I'm an adult (on the outside lol) I still adore my plushes. Sadly I know that over time sometimes our friends are lost or...
  9. kittenjossee

    Stuffed animals

    Does anyone else feel their stuffed animals aren't a part of there AB lives? I have a stuffed rabbit named Bunner who is eighteen years old who I have slept with almost every night since I got him except when he was taken from me because he is disgusting looking. I can't sleep without him...