stuffed animal

  1. ciaopupp

    Procedural Pacifier Care

    Do you own a pacifier? If so, do you care for it? How so, in what steps? Personally what I do is: 1. Run a warm washcloth under hot water and place that on my pacifier rubbing off any air particles. 2. Fill a dish with soap and hot water dunking the pacifier for a small moment. 3. Rinse the...
  2. SecretBabyBoy

    The Significance of a Stuffie Companion

    Hello and good day everyone! This year, I have made (what I feel are) tremendous strides in fully accepting my ABDL nature. I have been wearing diapers more frequently, purchased some gear and have even developed a semi-clingy relationship with my binkie. Lol Since making the choice to accept...
  3. J

    Missing Plushy

    Just got back home from grandma's for thanksgiving, and when I went to my room, everything was moved. My dresser was empty of all my clothes which were now in cardboard boxes on shelves that used to have stuff but didn't anymore, my dresser was moved in the middle of the walkway, tv in my...
  4. Sheepies

    I made a secret diaper stash out of a stuffed animal! (pics + instructions)

    Lately my mom has been rather... nosy to where I normally keep my ABDL stash. I would keep it in a backpack buried in the closet, but had a close call today where she wanted to search inside there to find a suitcase. Decided to make my own secret hiding place out of a stuffed rabbit I bought at...
  5. MatalicPebble

    Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

    I have not been on in a while. Also There had to of been new people who have become established here. So because of these things I am making a post on it. My Avatar is not updated to my new plushy so I will fill you in on my new one. I still love my Pinkie pie (Rosetta) but I sleep with my new...
  6. wackoreese

    Clinging to stuffed animals

    These guys are hard to let go. I can't sleep without my unicorn at night otherwise I'll just toss and turn and become insomniac for part of the night. When it came in the mail, my dad said "Oh, I always wanted a daughter" in kind of a worried tone. Then he goes on to rant on "oh, it's pink.."...
  7. LilMonkeyAlex

    I want a stuffed monkey!

    I came into work today and there was a stuffed monkey that one of our customers had left here. He has been keeping me company all night, and now i want one of my own. I am going to have to go out and buy one. I have been a DL for sometime, and am only recently starting to accept my AB-ness...
  8. ArtikSnow

    How Many Of You Put Diapers On Your Plushies

    Just for a fun topic on diapers and plushies. Who puts a diaper on their plushies? If you do post a pic or link of your buddy here. Here is mine his name is flopsie. ^^ I know this falls under the plushie group but i think its good here...
  9. Doppelganger

    Most awesome comic strip ever

    Does anyone remember Calvin and Hobbes? Six year old kid goes on adventures with his stuffed tiger, except the tiger is alive, and only calvin can see that? Reading those stories just makes me want to hug my stuffed animal! (Not a tiger).
  10. NikonFilmPhotog

    Study:1 in 4 Grown men travel with a stuffed animal

    Saw this in the news this evening: Bedtime Story: 1-in-4 Grown Men Travel With a Stuffed Animal "Travelodge surveyed 6,000 Britons and discovered that 35 percent of adults admitted they sleep with their teddy because they found cuddling their bear comforting. Additionally, many said the...