1. D

    'An Exploratory Study of Adult Baby-Diaper Lovers’ Characteristics in an Italian Online Sample'

    I haven't read this thoroughly, but of what I have read, has anyone else read this and, more-to-the-point, does anything think it holds any accuracy at all...? It seems thoroughly in-depth...:
  2. Poofybutt

    Diapers as a Study Aid

    Hey Y'all I was wondering, do any of you guys find diapers and regression to be an effective study aid? I certainly do! First off, there is definitely a layer of convenience in diapering up when you are pulling an all-nighter or if you are in study mode. If you're wearing a diaper you don't...
  3. Sitherus

    The common mans view on Diaper/ Adult baby fetishism.

    after searching the web for the stuff that i search for, every once in a while i come across topics about the infintilism and AB/DL or adult diaper fetishism. Most of these sites are stupid (people talking about banning adult diapers per house hold or the "I just found out..." bs) but every so...
  4. M

    Programation :)

    Hello, I'm studing to be Programmer (I wish to make a technic and continue in Robotic or Video-game to University) I would like to know if any of you is interest/in study/programmer for talk about it :)