1. LimeBloodedNoir

    Have any diaper college storys?

    Im going to college soon! I want to have on a diaper one day! Did/do any of you guys go diapered to college? Ever wet in a diaper in schools? Did you guys ever use or have on a diaper in high-school? What do you guys think of this?
  2. L

    not entirely sure what I'm doing, but eh

    Hi! I'm a university film student, and obviously I'm kind of new here. I actually made this account a few weeks ago but was too nervous to post anything, but I guess I came back (for better or for worse). Like everyone else here, I like diapers. I've never worn one though, and I'm not really...
  3. K

    A Way for College Students to Get Diapers Free

    I've seen a lot of posts about college students specifically not being able to afford diapers. I found a way that all of us college going diaper lovers can get some essentially for free, so I thought we could all try and help each other out. It might actually work for some highschool people too...
  4. D

    Hello all

    Hello!! i'm delacruz I'm a newbie here I'm a cool french guy and still a student I'm here because when i was younger i have some bedwettings problems and i kind of developed an interest in diaper. In my spare time i like hanging out with friends, going at the movie theatre, or to an...
  5. LushieCat


    I'm just a girl with many passions. I love talking about anything and everything, really interested in getting to know new and interesting people. Currently in college for pursuing a career in medicine, and so studying full time. I only recently started to realize full on how into...
  6. PrinceMatthew

    Being TB/DL ect. doe's it reflect your personality?

    Ok, I made this thread because I wanted people to discuss what we all are like in real life, when we go to school/work ect. let me start. although im a DL and used to even be a TB, I don't reflect that at all, Im very mature, Im a very serious student, I don't have alot of emotion's, I pretty...