1. PaciL0ver

    Highchair and stroller

    I wondered in which highchair or stroller I could still fit. However, I hope not to have to pay a high price. Maybe I will fit in larger models of modern highchairs and strollers? I weigh 126 pounds and I am 5 feet and 6 inches tall.
  2. tobdy1986

    Giant Strollers For Adults Let Parents Test Drive Before Buying
  3. KittyninjaW

    Prepared to be impressed. I really want something like this.
  4. Pramrider

    Had A Rare AB Dream Last Night

    Haven't had an AB-related dream in quite awhile. Must have been all the stroller talk on here that put me in a frame of mind to have one. Of course, as with most dreams, some parts just don't make any logical sense. OK, in it I was at a nice restaurant with my wife and we were waiting in a...
  5. kittenjossee

    Baby Furniture

    Does anyone still have some of there baby furniture and still fit inside of it? I still fit in my old highchair with the tray in the middle position and I can fit in my old stroller although the belt doesn't go around me anymore. I'd love to try to see how far I can get into my sisters car...
  6. Pramrider

    This Is A Great Pram For *Bs

    I have one also made by Hedstrom which is nearly identical to this one in design. Vintage Hedstrom Baby Stroller Buggy Pram Carriage - eBay (item 220328538946 end time Dec-21-08 18:59:01 PST) These old Hedstroms from the 1960s and '70s are built like tanks! I remember checking them out in the...
  7. Pramrider

    Speaking of Baby Strollers...

    This ebay listing brought a smile to my face: Excellent condition red vintage baby stroller with box - eBay (item 260324752949 end time Dec-10-08 13:16:43 PST) The first ever I had opportunity to get into, as an adult, was this exact make/model Peterson stroller from the early '70s. It belonged...