1. C

    Is this the Baby / Adult Diaper Hybrid we are looking for???

    Hi Everyone, First post and big question: Most elastic diapers don't come in small sizes, so is the molicare premium elastic small size the perfect hybrid for those that want that small size with a bigger stretch? Hopefully someone has details? Here is a product link from diaper-minister...
  2. ArtikSnow

    Tena Super Briefs or Tena Super Stretch Briefs?

    So I have been trying all kinds of diaper brands recently and Tena is on my next list. What Tena diaper is better? Tena Super Briefs or Tena Super Stretch Briefs?
  3. bambinod

    diaper stretching and retaping

    Talking about plastic backed diapers... I wear bambino, 247, and abena xplus and have noticed that with all three of them, the outer shell material stretches quite a bit right after I put them on. I mean, I tape the lowers so the diaper is nice and snug around my legs so I don't leak, and the...