stress relief

  1. G

    pooping a diaper for anxiety and stress relief

    Hello. I have two or 3 reasons because I mess my diaper. At first, because at mornings I can't hold it, I doesn't do it on purpose in this case. It is a hassle because I often poop two times at mornings, and wery often when I think I do not have to poop anymore, and after washing me and puttinng...
  2. T

    I am new... sorta

    I have hung around the site for a while and actually signed up a year ago. It has been brought to my attention, though, that I have not signed in for quite a while. I have also not posted an introduction. So... I am a high School student and I work at a BK... for now. I really want to be a...
  3. Kip

    Stress Relief?

    I'm curous what everyone does to relieve stress? I do a number of things. By far, my favorite thing to do is go out to the range and shoot holes through pieces of paper with my AR-15. Another thing I do if I can't get out to the range is kill virtual people in Call of Duty 4's online...