1. Premetheus

    I am a male... aren't I?

    I mean, I like to wear womens underwear from time to time... maybe a skirt or something. I just would never be comfortable enough in my own skin to go in public. The best I can do is wear eyeshadow, nailpolish, and have panties on under my male clothes. If you ask me that takes some kind of guts...
  2. M

    Hello all my name is michv

    Hi all my name is Mich aka michv. I am a single straight sub ab boy. I live in new liskeard Ontario Canada. I am 29, 5 6 tall, and have red hair and brown eyes. I way 240 lbs and am in to lactation, breastfeeding and beaing a good ab boy for Mommy. I joind this sight to meet and I hope find a...
  3. itzallgood


    Hey there. My name is Jay, and I have been lurking around on this site since about 2009 but never decided to create an account or post until recently. I just thought I would introduce myself since it is appreciated by the mods of the site. I am an TB/DL, and I tried telling my mother about it 2...
  4. Ikimasho

    HI :) (Newish TB)

    Hello, I am fairly new to the site and am interested in finding people with the same kindof interests :D I am a 17 year old TB, my sexual orientation is straight, and i am single.. i enjoy Pull-ups such as Goodnites, but i also enjoy Pampers Size 7. I am too nervous to buy adult diapers, but...
  5. slannen20

    Who would you turn Gay for

    It's quite a simple question really. Those of you out there that are heteros; Who would you turn gay for, and those of you out there that ,Like me:), are happy happy homos who would you turn straight for. I would turn straight for Eva Longoria. I mean come on! the Desperate Housewives couldn't...