story help

  1. ThePenguinLover

    (Possibly in the wrong section) - What makes a good ABDL story?

    I'm currently beginning to write an AB/DL themed story that's purely fictional, although I'm not quite sure what I need to do to make it entertaining and worth reading to the end for. (Now obviously as an AB/DL story goes, it's going to include diapers and what not.) ...But honestly, other than...
  2. ToddlerTiger

    Story Question

    Ok, so I want to write to write a story. It's about my favorite band and two of the members have a sister and need to take care of her after a car accident. She's 5 but looks like she's less than one. There's a lot of struggles but funny things in the story. I'm wondering if it sounds...
  3. W

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey guys :) im a teen baby and have been for quite some time. deeker, as you all kno, has been done for some time now and ive been looking for this story that used to be on it called... "Breast Feeding Cousin Alex" does ANYONE kno where i can find it? or better yet does anyone have it...