1. slipperywhenwet

    Asking about the story rules

    I’m new to this site and was reviewing the rules before submitting a story. Rule #2 (I believe) said, “Don't post anything intended to arouse the reader. Activities which can be erotic to some (e.g: spanking, diapering) may not be done in an erotic way.” I wouldn’t call my story crude, but...
  2. T

    Just in case moments

    Hey everyone! Thought it would be interesting to hear some of your most noteworthy moments when you decided to put on a diap "just in case" and ended up being very glad that you did. Simple question but I think it would be awesome to know what comes to mind for people out there. Cheers!
  3. S

    Suggestion Section for real stories?

    I can understand what the issue with something like this might be, but considering the vast amount of stories constantly being shared around this site, I think it would, in the very least, make sense. Thoughts?
  4. BusterBunny

    First Time Buying Diapers?

    I've just had my first experience buying padding yesterday: I found a physical store that sold ABU Space diapers, and I was over the moon! A mate of mine gave me a couple of ABU's to try (one lavender one barebums. They were too big) and I loved them so I wanted to order some of the space ones...
  5. kik91

    Books + Diapers Giveaway! (Ends 05/10/17)

    Hello everybody. In celebration of the release of my book "Where the Lost Boys meet", I'm going to be hosting a small giveaway here at ADISC. Thanks to Moo for permitting me to do this! So, all you have to do is reply to this post and I'll assign you a number. Then I'll randomly pick a number...
  6. C

    Finished How I found peace being a Little.

    When I was a kid, in maybe 3rd to 5th grade, I had a friend named Erika. I'd go over to her house almost all the time. But as I continued going over, Her father started doing weirder and weirder things to me. He'd pat my butt (in my house that's just a gentle hello) but... when your friends dad...
  7. C

    Hey everyone, Nice to meet you! Lets get to know each other.

    Alright! Intro time! My name is Sydney.M , Im a lady~! A little, and a bit of a perfectionist! I'm not into anything sexual involving diapers. I do, enjoy acting a younger age, and wearing diapers! They really help my littlespace thrive! I Love love love to do art, Im an artist! I play tons...
  8. BabyRyu

    A big story on bigger diapers

    **HEY YOU! I know that this is a long post, (I have a lot on my mind about this whole thing!) If you don't feel like reading the whole thing I understand, so I left stars by the question(s) I ask at the end so that you can still help out! Thanks! <3 Hello my fellow AB/DLs ^ - ^ Well I must...
  9. ToddlerTiger

    Nice meeting you guys

    Hi. I'm Toddler Tiger and I write stories and draw pictures. I do requests on stories. So if you want me to do a story, then let me know and I will start it right away :D
  10. C

    What is your favorite diaper brand?

    What is your favorite diaper brand? Also if you have any stories of how you hide the diapers and what you do to get them then you can post it on here. My favorite diapers are Goodnites i mainly enjoy wetting them and i just bought them when my parents were not home. Writing a...
  11. N

    Hey :D

    Hello everyone :) My name is Nolan. I'm about to enter my first year of college, which makes me both greatly excited and somewhat afraid. Mostly the former, fortunately; I'm eager to step into a new stage of my life. Of all the inevitable facts of life, that which is most present in my life now...
  12. foxytiger


    Hey. Ummm I guess I should start. Well, I'm 16 and I like to post art and stories. The stories and art are all about diaperfurs, babyfur, and furries. I also do requests. My stories will involve Tv shows, and other stuff. So I will appreciate requests from you. Requests like; characters...
  13. Kid

    Forgetting Trash Day

    Ok this story may identify me; however, I cannot be the only one with this type of story. Recently, I got home late one night, changed and off to bed. Well the next morning I heard the Trash Truck doing his rounds. I had forgot to take the trashcan to the street/dumpster and ran up to meet...
  14. K

    What are you favorite babyfur memories?

    Hey guys! I don't know if this has already been posted (I checked thoroughly, found nothing on the subject.) but here's a question: Have you ever been to a babyfur meet, party, furry convention, or hung out with other babyfurs in any capacity? Share your best stories/memories here! :D You can...
  15. mizzycub

    Favourite Opening and Closing lines

    What are your favourite opening and closing lines to books you have read, and why? Needless to say, this thread will contain spoliers. Read at your own risk! My favourite opening line is this: It is such a simple line, so simple that you don't pick up on just how strange it is until you have...