1. W

    Abdl stores or anything in florida?

    Is there any abdl stores or anything abdl related in florida?
  2. Christophuur

    Diapers Near St. Louis

    Just a heads up to anyone on the Illinois side of St. Luis, I've found a fantastic place to pick up a few fancier brands of diapers. Maybe not Premium, But definitely better then store brands or depends. It's called Hidegs Health Pharmecy. They have phenomenal service and really, Really good...
  3. S

    Best Online Store

    I haven't bought anything online yet, but I have decided what I want (Dry 24/7, Abena Abriform Xplus, Molicare, and Abena Abri-flex) and I plan on buying samples of them from XP Medical. Is it a good online distributor? What are the best online distributors in terms of discreetness, price, and...
  4. A

    Diaper Stores

    So I keep reading articles and I find posts stating there are stores that sell molicares and abenas along with other good brands. Now I live in New Hampshire, and never once have I seen any of these stores. Not saying they don't exist, I don't really leave my town much so I can't say. I'm just...
  5. W

    Plastic-backed store brand nappies

    Hello,everyone,this is whiteresearcher. I have learned that some of the store-specific brands of nappies (or as I like to term them,'incontinence undergarments') are still plastic-backed just like standard brands were in the 1990s (please note that this only applies to 'value' brands such as...
  6. anotherpuppy

    Plushies in stores?

    Almost a ridiculous question, but pup's been achin' for a plush, and dunno quite where to look! Hasn't peeked through a Toys'r'Us in a while, but last time he did the only options were Elmo and Spongebob, you know? Same thing at Wal-Mart... Kohls has some promotion with big-for-being-small...