1. P


    I have been a diaper lover in the closet for a while now it stated at the age of 12. Now at 23 I find myself occasionally buying a pack of goodnights pull-ups to wear and use at home. It started when I was twelve and my grandma thought I would pee the bed after working in the woods all day...
  2. Z

    Visited an ABDL store in Albany, NY

    So I've read a lot about an ABDL store that is somewhat near my house, a little over an hour drive, and decided why not take a little trip on over since pretty much every medium ABDL diaper has been out of stock and the store had many available. Faced my fears since this was a first for me...
  3. zippyboy

    Opening an Online Store - Will sell RearZ - Based in Texas

    Greetings all, I have not posted much over the years but I have been a member for quite a long time. Mostly keeping to myself and commenting here and there. My wife and I have finally decided to start an Online Store and have ordered our first wholesale purchase from RearZ. I do not know the...
  4. Sitherus

    I might be a little diaper crazy

    I might be a little crazy when it comes to finding cheap diapers in stores. I see them I cant take my mind off of them even though i have hundreds at home and i still end up buying them. I was at goodwill yesterday and found a bag of 62 pullups. I know they suck but how often do i see diapers at...
  5. C

    Research for new ABDL store

    I am thinking about launching a new online ABDL store in the USA. I am thinking of employing a more discreet delivery option for people who are living with parents/roommates where the diapers/other products are put under a false bottom in the box, and snack foods are put on top. Snack foods...
  6. F

    Diapers in Brussels

    Hello, I have just recently moved to Brussels. I am looking for a place to buy diapers ( that tape shut not pull ups ) wether it be Tena Slips or Molicare I do not care. I just want something that I can wear around the house in comfort and relax. I have tried to pharmacies in the Flagey area and...
  7. B

    ABDL Store In New Zealand?

    Hey Kiwis, This is a hypothetical question which will probably not go anywhere - just something I have thought about for a while, and have been wondering how feasible it would be with the market we have. If somebody was to open up an ABDL store in New Zealand, and stock all kinds of ABDL...
  8. Christophuur

    Diapers Near St. Louis

    Just a heads up to anyone on the Illinois side of St. Luis, I've found a fantastic place to pick up a few fancier brands of diapers. Maybe not Premium, But definitely better then store brands or depends. It's called Hidegs Health Pharmecy. They have phenomenal service and really, Really good...
  9. captainpollution

    AB Universe going out of business?

    Okay, Say what you want about ABU and its shipping and other supposedly clandestine associations with it, but it ostensibly appears that the company is on its way out. For one thing, ABU has not offered any new promotions since March, diapers appear on the site but they are rarely stocked...
  10. T

    Medical Supply Stores?

    I've never been into a medical supply store, and i know of one that's pretty close that carries Molicares/Attends/Abenas, that i plan on going to tomorrow. my question is, has anyone ever bought diapers from a medical supply store? what is the process? Can i just walk in, pick up the diapers off...
  11. xtrabulk

    ABDL Store in Salem, Oregon!

    Hi all, (esp those of us in Oregon), I just found out there is a genuine (kinda) ABDL store in Salem, Oregon. The guy's name is Rod Cox (I know, right?) and he sells plastic panties, real rubber sheeting and a couple types of cloth diapers. Has anyone been to his "shop"? I ask this, because...
  12. Hyperlitegreen

    Texas stores sell abena?

    Does anyone know of any stores in texas that sell Abenas?
  13. Crinklebuttt

    Diaper store in airport

    Flew to texas this week, going home this morning. Normally im diapered but was going with several family members, so i left them home. I really wish they sold like 2-packs of diapers in the terminals after security. I wonder if a diaper store in a big airport would make a lot of money if they...
  14. ArtikSnow

    Complete Diaper Guide By TailsZelin

    Complete Diaper Guide: Throughout my child hood I would always try to find ways to deal with diapers without my parents knowing. Overtime I gained knowledge on how to do so even down to the smell of them and this has helped me hide them for all these years and my parents never found out about...
  15. M

    How to get to the store?

    I will be home alone for the next few days (until friday), and thought I might take advantage of this down time, as being completely home alone is very rare for me. Anyways, my problem is how to get to the store? It is a couple miles away. I do have a license, and a car. However I have no...
  16. Rocky

    Question on Buying a Baby Bottle

    This may be a stupid question, but here it goes. Can you buy a single baby bottle at a store, or do they only come in packs? I went to the closest grocery store to my dorm building to buy one and the only bottles they had were in packs of 4 or 5. There were two types "nursing" bottles that were...
  17. A

    Diaper Stores

    So I keep reading articles and I find posts stating there are stores that sell molicares and abenas along with other good brands. Now I live in New Hampshire, and never once have I seen any of these stores. Not saying they don't exist, I don't really leave my town much so I can't say. I'm just...
  18. T

    Local stores not selling plastic back and/or taped diapers anymore

    This is very disappointing. Found this out when going to restock for nighttime wetting. I'm stuck with the pull up kind again and they will no doubt leak. Ugh. Is this the same for any of you? Even our local pharmacy doesn't stock them anymore.
  19. EmoCowMoo

    Buying diapers at your local store

    I HATE going to the store to buy diapers, I like getting them online so I don't have to be seen by anyone, but since I stay @ my house during the summer, I'm always afraid of my mom or sis finding out about them, especially since my mom's a cop and questions everything. Anyway, I went to the...
  20. teenABDLboy88

    Best walk in store?

    Hey everyone, I want to know what walk - in store out of: CVS, Walgreens, Wal Mart, and Brooks <-- (Is that it?) to get good quality diapers, and what would be the best kind to get? It would also be great if I could get plastic pants there. I name these stores, because they are in my town and I...