1. Psynapse

    Wearing 24/7, a Guide by Psynapse

    Adisc: I have been writing this for about 3 months. Today I believe it is finished. I'm sorry if it is too long, I wasn't sure where to post it, I thought the Diaper talk section was most fitting but if it has to get deleted I understand. TL;DR - Wear Diapers 24/7, Don't Mess In Public...
  2. SillySwampert

    Best way to store pacifiers

    I'm about to purchase a set of 3 NUK 5 pacifiers for myself, as I was smitten with the idea of having different coloured pacis I could accessorize with during my Little time. However, I don't have a means to safely hide them, as I'm currently living with my father and having three large...
  3. xtrabulk

    Diaper Pail Assistance Needed

    Hi there, I read other related posts, but saw few links and personal experiences. The wife is going to crank out cloth diapers. The one she made, I washed 3 times yesterday! My question is, I should be able to afford a diaper pail with the savings. If I use 5 cloth diapers a week, with 10 baby...
  4. T

    Hello all " Raymond " 28m 130 pounds. 5.4 love diapers of any type and cute undies

    Hi all my names Raymond i was on here before but changed my email. Im 28 years old, i guess most people think im a twink because of my small stature, and that i look so young. I love diapers and cute undies of every type. OK so here we go Why I like diapers? Don't know I have ever since i was...
  5. T

    Storing Diapers at different temperatures.

    Hello all! I am going away to school tomorrow and would like to bring my whole stash of diapers with me from home. I intend on keeping half of my stash locked in a bag in my car but I attend MTU which is known for its brutally cold winters. So I was wondering if this temperature extreme...